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SIster Act

Associate Scenic Design

The Cornish Playhouse

Directed By: Corey McDaniel                      Scenic Design By: Miriam Levenson

Lighting Design By: Levi Plumb                  Costume Design By: Clary McCory

Charge Paint By: Jessica Christensen        Photography By: Chris Bennion, Miriam Levenson, and NJ Bice


The question we asked ourselves at the beginning of the process is: what do church and disco have in common? Our answer: the colors of stained glass.

In my collaboration with Miriam I took on the designs for the paint treatments of the show. Early on I had the idea for the floor, an abstract representation of stained glass fading into concrete. I refined the idea with a series of rough renderings, getting feedback from Miriam each time. It seemed appropriate for me to also design the paint treatments for the other scenic elements. I worked closely with Jessica to realize each piece.