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Singin' IN the Rain

Assistant Technical Director

The Cornish Playhouse

Technical Direction by: Tom Harper              Scenic Design by: Matt Smucker

Costume Design by: Hannah Larson            Lighting Design by: Jordan Rhine

Directed by: Carol Roscoe                             Photography by: Chris Bennion

This production was full of a myriad of technical challenges including a large angled back wall, the frame for video screen, the billboard, the light-up marquee, and large text flying units. I specifically worked on the billboard by doing the technical drawing and executing the build. I also took the lead on the large lettering pieces, both "Hollywoodland" and "Monumental Pictures," which involved both delicate cutwork and welding for steel frames. For this show we built the passerelle that is now stock for the theater. I learned a lot from Tom, especially in CAD drafting and tricks for hiding rigging hardware. I developed the method for the breakaway flat trick, which was paper glued over the frame of a flat with punctures in it to guarantee that it would always break in the same place. It was re-glued and scored each night.