Pericles-- Scenic Design, studio project

Directed by Carol Roscoe

We started our conversation about this project with a focus on Gower's line "The stage, the ship." We extended that metaphor to 'the audience, the sea." I brought both concepts into the design with the ship prow that juts out from the rectangular stage and the three dimensional carved wave details on the edge of the stage. The clash of the two textures of wood and rock is like a shipwreck, which occurs literally in the show and is also resonant with the themes throughout the entire play. The ropes add to the ship feeling, and one is a practical that gets untied from the edge of the prow and rolled at the bottom of the mast during the storm scene. The wave fabric above the stage disguises the globe's heavens and brings the colors and textures of the set all the way up into the architecture of the entire stage. Musical instruments and costume pieces are hidden among and within the rocks for use during the show, with a sliding thunder sheet covering the large upstage doorway for most of the length of the play. Both the inside and outside of the prow are climbable to provide even more levels. The design provides a myriad of opportunities for the director to play with over the course of this adventurous tale. 

pericles groundplan edited.jpg