KEn Ludwig’s Baskerville

Co-Costume Design

Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville at Taproot Theater

Directed by Scott Nolte                 Costume Design by NJ Bice and Melanie Burgess

Scenic Design by Richard Lorig    Projections and sound by Mark Lund                           

Lighting Design by Brian Engel      Photography by Eric Stuhaug

Reginald Andre Jackson as Doctor Watson Michael Patten as Sherlock Holmes

Eric Hampton as Actor One Nick Watson as Actor Two Elizabeth Keck as Actress One

This version of the classic Holmes mystery is comedic and melodramatic in the ethos of Monty Python and 39 Steps. The three actors who are not playing Sherlock or Watson together play around 35 characters. Our costume design is based around au vista quick change moments and the value of quick recognizability of characters. There are three particular transforming costume pieces. The first is a long Victorian cape that transforms into a maid’s skirt. The second is the red skirt for the brief appearance of Tosca as Holmes and Watson watch a show at the opera, which transforms into Hudson’s brown skirt. The final piece is a transforming tie that is Inspector Lestrade’s ascot on one side and Sir Henry’s string tie on the other. Another fun moment is a tiny pith helmet revealed on stage from underneath a top hat. The show has a total of 89 costume changes!